I offer the only permanent solution to rid of yourself of unwanted hair. Whether due to hormonal disorders, sexual transitioning or your own sense of beauty, electrolysis is the only method to remove hair permanently that is suitable for all skin types.

Galvanic Electrolysis

Galvanic Electrolysis is the first available type of electro-eplilation. In this process, galvanic current (DC) is released to destroy the hair follicle through a chemical reaction. This method is rarely used alone as it is time intensive but is still used for delicate areas of the body.


Thermolysis is the fastest method of electrolysis. In this method, the follicle is destroyed by heat supplied via a high frequency alternating current (AC). This method treats the surrounding tissue. Thermolysis is used on patients with sensitive skin or when the blend method is not desired.

Blend Method

The blend method is a combination of direct current (galvanic) and high frequency alternating current (thermolysis), which is best suited to completely destroy the entire hair follicle. Thermolysis accelerates the chemical reaction from galvanic electrolysis. It is proven as the most effective and complete method.