I offer the only permanent solution to rid of yourself of unwanted hair. Whether due to hormonal disorders, sexual transitioning or your own sense of beauty, electrolysis is the only method to remove hair permanently that is suitable for all skin types.


Galvanic Electrolysis

Galvanic Electrolysis is the first available type of electro-eplilation. In this process, galvanic current (DC) is released to destroy the hair follicle through a chemical reaction. This method is rarely used alone as it is time intensive but is still used for delicate areas of the body.


Thermolysis is the fastest method of electrolysis. In this method, the follicle is destroyed by heat supplied via a high frequency alternating current (AC). This method treats the surrounding tissue. Thermolysis is used on patients with sensitive skin or when the blend method is not desired.

Blend Method

The blend method is a combination of direct current (galvanic) and high frequency alternating current (thermolysis), which is best suited to completely destroy the entire hair follicle. Thermolysis accelerates the chemical reaction from galvanic electrolysis. It is proven as the most effective and complete method.


To get started, I offer an individualized, nonbinding consultation in order to assess your needs and determine the proper treatment options. Your personal aesthetic and wishes for hair removal direct my work and are the basis for your treatment plan.

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About Me

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After training as a professional esthetician, I searched for new challenges and discovered electrolysis as a way to help my clients achieve their personalized standard of beauty. I trained with Mrs. Iris Gminski (CPE, IPEC) furthering my skills as a professional esthetician and became a certified electrologist according to international standards. Since completing my training, I have been working solely as an electrologist. 

My precise technique and ability to work ambidextrously in combination with my concentration, patience and empathy allow me to work precisely, calmly and quickly over long periods of time.

I was born in Anatolia and have lived in Germany since 1976. In addition to German and Turkish, I also speak English and a bit of Spanish. I'm happy to welcome you in my practice and provide the time and space for your comfort and needs.

Semra Bagit


Is electrolysis painful?

Since the probe is inserted into the hair shaft and not through the skin, you won't feel it at all. Once the probe reaches the hair root, the current is delivered. This current creates heat and a light tingling that is similar to plucking. This tingling and heat are perceived differently depending on where electrolysis is applied.

Can the electrolysis also be applied in the groin area?

Electrolysis can be applied to all areas of the body - including genitalia.

Are there side affects?

Immediate redness and brief swelling are normal physical reactions to treatment.

How often is the treatment?

The frequency of treatment depends on the area of the body being treated. Typically, initial treatments take place once a week depending on hair growth. Eventually this can be reduced to every two weeks and later on once a month.

Can electrolysis cause scarring?

In contrast to other methods, only the hair root and not the skin surface is treated. Scarring, therefore, occurs very rarely if used correctly.

How much does the treatment cost?

The cost of treatment depends on the size of the body area to be treated and hair density. These factors are clarified in a non-binding consultation, prior to your treatment.


For years I was embarrased by my back hair. Daily and time consuming shaving, waxing or epilation provided short-term relief. I eventually discovered that electrolysis would be the long lasting solution I was looking for. And what can I say: I spent my first worry free summer with my little daughter and didn't need to wear a T-shirt at the beach ...


For many years I've suffered from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). One of my prevailing symtoms was growing thick, dark hair on my chin and upper lip. Because of my dark skin, there were few treatment options. After six months treatment with Semra Bagit, I no longer need to shave my face everyday. The hairs that still grow are now thinner and lighter and my skin is soft and no longer irritated! I was often embarrassed because of the hair but Semra's friendly, helpful, personal and empathetic treatment made it so much easier to cope with. I highly recommend epiend!


I am a transgender woman. Before treatment with epiend, I went through an odyssey of various laser hair removal treatments. Because of my fair skin and blond hair, these treatments were unsuccessful. I can only summarize by saying that the results of electrolysis are clearly successful and can finally see myself as the woman I am from the outside as well.

Andrea C. K.